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Every day innocent pets are left homeless and abandoned in Chicagoland. Adopt-A-Pet has found loving homes for over 15,000 of those cats and dogs.

If you are looking for a family pet, consider adopting a wonderful pet from Adopt-A-Pet. Most of our cats and dogs are kept in foster homes, where they live as part of a family. Not only is this beneficial for the animal, but it also helps us create a purrfect match between an animal and a prospective adopter.

UPDATE - New Canine Influenza Confirmed! Please keep your dogs safe!

As you have probably heard, there is currently an epidemic of Canine Flu circulating the Chicago area. A new report from Cornell University states that the outbreak is closely related to the Asian Influenza strain H3N2 viruses. This strain has been circulating in Asia since 2006. The outbreak that had occurred in the Chicago area in 2008 was from the H3N8 strain.

Can I get this new influenza strain?

So far there is no evidence it can be transmitted to people.

Can my cat get the influenza virus?

Though not common, H3N2 has been reported to have caused infection and respiratory illness in cats.

Will the vaccine help my dog?

Currently the vaccine covers for the H3N8 virus and it is unknown if it will offer any protection against the H3N2 virus. The vaccine (even for the H3N8 virus) doesn't necessarily prevent infection, but may lessen clinical signs.

How can I keep my dog safe?

In the best interest of your own dog and others, you should limit traveling with your dog. This can include: grooming, dog beaches, dog parks, other houses with dogs, pet stores, dog shows, expos, agility, multi-dog obedience classes, daycare and boarding. When walking your dog, it is best to keep a 25 ft. distance from other dogs. Don’t let your dog go nose-to-nose with other dogs. Limit vet visits to urgent matters, wait until the epidemic passes for non-urgent or elective matters. If your dog must go to daycare, boarding or grooming, check with the facility first to make sure that they are taking all precautions and requiring proof of health before admitting dogs. There are many good facilities that are doing everything they can to keep your dog safe.

When can my dog interact with other dogs again?

Public announcements will be made on news outlets and social media. You can also check with your vet.

How do I keep the disease from spreading?

This is an airborne virus, spread through coughing and sneezing. It may remain alive on surfaces (and able to infect) for up to 48 hours, on clothing 24 hours, and on hands for 12 hours. It can be carried on clothes from one dog to another. It is easily killed by common disinfectants (bleach, ammonia or even hand soap). Please wash hands and any clothing/linens that have come in contact with dogs to limit the spread of the disease.

Read the article from Cornell here .

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Adopt-A-Pet has a new dog-walking program for our dogs fostered at Wilmette Pet.

If you like dogs and like walking, this program is for you! If you are under 18, ask a parent to do this with you ... it’s a fun thing to do together. To volunteer, just attend a Dog-Walking Orientation. They are held the first Saturday of each month at:

Wilmette Pet Center
625 Green Bay Rd.
12:00-1:00 pm.

​​Sign up by emailing Marion at:redmarion77@comcast.net.

(Note: This orientation is for dog-walking volunteers only. If you are interested in becoming a full-fledged Adopt-A-Pet volunteer and helping with events, adoptions, or becoming a foster home, please see below for New Volunteer Orientation dates.)


Don’t throw it away!

Recycle paper and pets by bringing paper shreds to Wilmette Pet Center – Your Adopt-A-Pet Center!

625 Green Bay Rd., Wilmette, IL
Call 847-251-6750 for store hours and more info.

Help! Anyone who has access to paper shreds for Adopt-A-Pet dogs and cats fostered at Wilmette Pet Center!

Do you shred your personal mail at home? Does your school or business shred documents? Wilmette Pet Center devotes their entire cage space, staff and resources to shelter dogs and cats - effectively becoming a satellite adoption center for Adopt-A-Pet.

Wilmette Pet Center averages 10 rescued dogs and cats weekly and paper shreds keep them safe clean, and warm!

We would appreciate any shredded material that you can donate that:

  • Does not contain staples or other non-digestible debris
  • Is not newspaper, as the print comes off and dirties the cages and animals
  • Long single cut strands are preferred, cross-cut tends to be too dusty for bedding

Please pass this along to anyone you may know that can help!

If getting the shreds to the store is logistically impossible for you, please email Info@adoptapet-il.org and we will try to arrange a closer drop-off point or a pickup.

Thank you!

Next New Volunteer Orientation:

Sat. May 30, 2015 - 1:15 p.m. to 3:45 p.m
Glenview Public Library, 1930 Glenview Rd.

Sat. June 27, 2015 - 1:45 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.
Vernon Area Library, 300 Olde Half Day Rd, Lincolnshire

Sun. Aug. 2, 2015 - 12:15 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.
Palatine Public Library, 700 N. North Ct.

For more info click here: Volunteering flier

Registration required. Email:volunteer@adoptapet-il.org.

Adopt-A-Pet is an all-volunteer group. We are always in need of more dedicated volunteers. Come spend a morning to learn about volunteer opportunities and how you can join with us to help save more animals' lives. Email us to register or to be put on our email reminder list.

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Wondering how can you help??? ... please take a moment to watch this short inspirational video.

Unconditional Love

Can you offer temporary space and a little TLC to a dog, cat, puppy or kitten awaiting its permanent home?

Adopt-A-Pet seeks interim foster care for orphaned pets, many urgently needing rescue from death row at high-kill pounds.  

Medical expenses are fully paid.
Food and supplies provided.
A close match to your preference is attempted.

Sadly, the number we can assist is limited to the availability of foster people willing to open their hearts and their homes.

Your help can literally save a precious life!
Call 847-550-9690 or email:   volunteer@adoptapet-il.org

Click here for more info!

Please note our new phone number:  847-550-9690.


HOW YOU CAN HELP:         

1. Drop off your shredded paper for cage bedding for our pets fostered at Wilmette Pet Center (no staples or newsprint, please.)

2.  Check out our Wish List under the How To Help tab.

3. Donate your time.  Attend a New Volunteer Orientation.

4. Foster a Pet! Help save one more life by welcoming a foster dog or cat into your family.

5. Buy a  t-shirt and raise funds for our homeless pets.